“Highlight Reel” – 6/10/19

Although we live in the same house, the majority of our banter exists either in Discord chat or on stream. Sometimes it’s lighthearted. Sometimes it’s serious. Either way, we thought we should share some of it with you!

We live in an old ass house. Like REALLY old. The original part of the house, which is the upstairs and where we live, was built around 1907-1908 by my grandfather’s father. I don’t know the exact date, to be honest. It’s made of wood. In 1947, it was raised and the downstairs was built underneath it using concrete. My calabash uncle lives down there. When my husband and I first moved in, I couldn’t sleep because there were so many creepy noises when the wood moves. In addition, the walls are thin so you can hear a television, computer, radio…

Recently, Nico and his girlfriend have been falling asleep while watching Netflix, YouTube, or whatever. And the volume is turned up so high that I can HEAR the Discord notifications he’s getting through the damned wall!

That video pretty much speaks for itself… I said something really ditsy… LOL

Not everything between us is a joke or frustration. 😉 Nico is great at cheering me up and making me feel better about stressful situations like work. I can only hope that I do the same for him.

I went to two tasting events last week. One for sake and the other for wine. I got drunk both times. I feel like a lot of people can relate to their mom just coming into their room rambling on about something or another while they’re just trying to beat a boss in a really hard game…

That’s it for this episode of “Highlight Reel.” Maybe I can come up with a better title, but for now, that’s what you’re stuck with! Come hang out with us on Twitch and Discord for more banter!

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