“Highlight Reel” – 6/17/19

This past week was E3 and a live letter for Final Fantasy XIV Online. Unfortunately, the majority of the chatting we did about those two things was in person and not on Twitch or in Discord. Still, here are a few conversations and a pretty funny video from the last week or so.

Honestly, I love that Nico and I can give each other shit. 🙂

One of our community members posted an innocuous comment about Phantasy Star Online 2 from Microsoft’s press conference and I completely freaked out. You can see the point in my replies where I did a quick internet search and found out that we’re getting PSO2 in March. I was SO EXCITED. Can you blame me, though??? This announcement came out of NOWHERE!

When Nico asked me about this, I thought he was talking about the Switch version of the game. Apparently, Japan is getting a Dragon Quest themed Switch and I had NO IDEA. Somehow I doubt they’re going to release it stateside, so my wallet is breathing a sigh of relief!

This is pretty self explanatory. I bought a Dust Daddy and this is what happened when I used it to vacuum my keyboard. Yes, I could have deleted the messages, but honestly, it’s more funny this way… Side note: I found that it works really well, so I’m not sure why its reviews are so bad everywhere. I guess it depends on what you’re using it for.

And that’s it for this episode of “Highlight Reel.” Maybe I can come up with a better title, but for now, that’s what you’re stuck with! Come hang out with us on Twitch and Discord for more banter!

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