Nico is Coming Home! New Stream Schedule!


At the original Barcade in Brooklyn after Nico graduated from college 🙂

My baby is coming home for a few months! I’m so excited!

But this means that Nico won’t be able to stream for a couple of weeks. He should be back around the first or second week of October, at which point we’ll be in the same time zone and we’ll have an updated stream schedule. We’re hoping to be able to stream more stuff like couch co-op games and board games since we’ll be in the same physical location for awhile.

In the meantime, you’re just going to have to put up with me and my JRPG’s. And maybe some No Man’s Sky, Monster Hunter World, or Fortnite: Save the World if I need a change of pace. I plan on sticking to my normal schedule and streaming solo during our co-stream times. Saturday and Sunday will be 4 hours, though, instead of 6. As much as I would love to cover Nico’s solo time slots, that’s just too much, so the channel will be dark on Tuesdays and Thursdays for now.

Also, you may have noticed that we joined the Twitch Hawaii team! So via team hosting, our channel will be hosting other streamers from the beautiful Aloha State whenever we’re offline.

Anyway, come by and keep me company! I’m currently working on Octopath Traveler, Dragon Quest XI, and Final Fantasy XIV Online.


  • Hatsumi [Mom]

Why Spawn/Respawn, btw?

Hey all! Mom/Hatsumi here!

This hasn’t come up very often, but someone (off-stream) asked me recently why our Twitch channel is called Spawn/Respawn. We had a hell of a time trying to come up with a name for our channel that was representative of the fact that we’re a mother and son team that plays video games together, but was also catchy. Or at the very least, easy to remember. So here’s the explanation:

spawn: (transitive verb) to give rise to; to give birth to

respawn: (intransitive verb) to reappear at a fixed point in an existing video game environment after dying

So Nico is my offspring (what I spawned) or the Spawn. And I die a LOT in games, so I’m the Respawn.

Mystery solved!


3/11/18 Game Update

Here’s what we’re playing this week:

Mom & Nico:

  • Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst (PC) – grind, grind, grind
  • Divinity Original Sin II (PC) – playthrough
  • Final Fantasy XIV Online (PC) – weeklies and dailies
  • Diablo III (PC) – Season 13


Just Mom:

  • Dragon Quest Builders (PS4) – playthrough – Chapter 3 & 4


Just Nico:



Welcome to Spawn/Re-Spawn! This is a page about the special bond between a mother and her son…

What, too sappy? HELL YEAH!

We are a mother and son who love video games more than anything! (Well, except maybe each other. Those annoying and sappy mother-son quotes are nothing if not accurate, after all.)


We’ve been gaming together since the 90’s and now that Nico is out of college, we thought it would be fun to stream video games together online.

We came up with Spawn/Re-Spawn! because Nico is my spawn and since I kinda suck at video games, I have to respawn a lot. So it’s like a double entendre, I guess.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy your time here! GLHF!

  • Hatsumi (Mom)