Final Fantasy XIV Fanfest 2018

Okay, so it’s a little (alright, a lot) late, but Nico & I went to Fanfest! It was SO much better than 2016’s event. We had a BLAST! I was still getting over the tail end of the flu, but I didn’t let that stop me. Pro tip: If you take the red-eye and there’s too much turbulence to sleep, pay the extra $30 for early check-in and get some SLEEP.

Fanfest didn’t start until Friday, but I scheduled us to arrive Wednesday morning so that I would be able to recover from traveling across the Pacific Ocean. Travel wears my ass out, so I can’t just fly to a place and go, go, go. I need at least a day, preferably two. So when we got to the hotel at 7 AM, we spent some time at Starbucks because that was too early for even early check-in. Good thing we did, because look who we ran into:

You can tell from Yoshi-P’s face that they were probably as exhausted and jet-lagged as we were.

Thursday was the day to pick up our passes and merchandise preorders. Although the lines were long, they were organized and they moved. In 2016, my husband and I weren’t even able to get into the merchandise room, so this year I was SO HAPPY that we could preorder our stuff and just pick it up. Check out all the stuff:

The next day was the actual start of Fanfest. By then, I had somewhat acclimated to the time change, although not the dryness. My god, I don’t know how people can live in such a dry place. Pretty sure I was going to turn scaly or something.

We had fun playing the mini-games and trying to defeat the Yojimbo battle. Sadly, we didn’t defeat him, but we made progress each attempt! The announcement of the new expansion and the Blue Mage job was exciting. We knew they would announce the expansion, but the Blue Mage was a pleasant surprise! They really did a great job at making the venue feel like we were in Eorzea. There was an aetheryte and everything!

This is going to sound cheesy, but I think my favorite thing about Fanfest this year was actually meeting people that I’d only ever known online and actually hanging out with them. One of our Twitch viewers, AllTheAmpersands found me in the crowd and introduced himself to me. Good thing, too, since I’m always so shy so I never introduce myself to people! Fun fact: Nico had to drag my ass to Yoshi-P at Starbucks on Wednesday morning because I was too chicken to say hi! XD

AllTheAmersands & I – Day 1

We also got to meet Derek, one of the guys that hosts the Astral Era podcast. Way cool! 😀 When my husband and I went to Fanfest in 2016, I was so exhausted and antisocial that although we met a couple of people, we never actually did anything with anyone. So this time was a billion times better!

There were a lot of great cosplayers at Fanfest, of course. Nico took pictures of them, holding a little stuffed toy that he called Mr. Bunz.

There was a wall that people could sign their names:

Hatsumi Mitsuha, Severus Snape, and Nico Kaijuu in the House!

And, of course, a shrine to Haurchefant:

Nico & Snape ran into Yoshi-P and Foxclon again… I was so jealous!

Finally, there was a 360° VIDEO BOOTH. That was silly and fun:

Green screen!

To top everything off, The Primals performed!

Seriously, we had the BEST time! It was Nico’s first time in Las Vegas, so he had to get one of those yard long frozen drinks…

There was also a fabulous wine bar in our hotel. It felt like a wine cellar with a rustic feel. You didn’t even realize you were in a casino! I got to try some delicious wines, eat some great bread and cheese, and eat some delicious desserts!

I hope we get to go next time! This was our first family vacation with just the 3 of us since 2005!